Blue Air–Red Earth
desert and mountain landscapes
In her project Blue Air - Red Earth, Kerry Johns took the geographically diverse regions of Broken Hill and the Blue Mountains as the focus for a series of landscape paintings.

The 'blue air' of the title refers to the blue haze deep in the valleys of the Blue Mountains while the 'red earth' refers to the ground colour of the wide open country of the western desert around Broken Hill.

The feeling for place in both regions was a powerful force, colour being used as a major element to realise an emotional ownership of each landscape work.

Click to view works, from top left:  
Katoomba, Katoomba Escarpment, Mt Solitary.


Blue Mountains and Broken Hill were connected through the title of City of the Arts, a NSW Ministry of the Arts program, during 1997 - 1999. The extraordinary environment of the two regions led to the idea of bringing both landscapes together in one project.

Four major solo exhibitions were held under this title in Broken Hill, Katoomba and Sydney during 1998 and 1999. Kerry Johns was assisted through the City of the Arts funding for this project and worked in Broken Hill for a six week period in 1998.

Click to view works, from top left:
Deep Tracks, Desert Road, Mundi Mundi.

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