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Sisters Kerry Johns and Marianne Penberthy grew up in the coastal Queensland town of Caloundra. In 1999 and 2000 they worked together to produce an exhibition based on their childhood memories.

Homeground was exhibited in the Caloundra Regional Art Gallery from October to December 2000. They visited Caloundra on three occasions to work together in periods of intensive collaboration, returning to their studios in their home States to allow memory, new experience and impressions to filter into their work.

memory refreshed              bubble bathers  

memory preserved                   passing memory      

Common motifs emerged spontaneously. The use of fragile transparent material such as organza, gauze and tracing paper; the use of words both sewn and painted; the map grid and the lattice pattern.

Finding ways to creatively encounter memory involved working with fragmentation and reconstruction, with fragility, remnants, scraps and layers, interleaved with strong subjective impressions.

For both artists these were the means necessary to bring fragile recollection into focus, and to give form to deep feeling.


memory map                         homeland  

 map for my mother            childhood passage